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The cost of upgrading older sytems (G1) to the current generation (G2) is going up. The main reason to upgrade to a G2 is the Long Range Remote(LRR). The LRR allows for extended networks of sensors and monitoring of 3rd party devices like wind machines and flow meters.
Please contact us or your local reseller to find out more.

New Graphing Software
We have released new software for our graphs that uses a format called Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). This adds new functions to the way you can view the data and also means the graphs will look much sharper on smartphones and tablets. If you need help with the new functions click on the Graph Help tab above the graphs to watch a two minute tutorial video.

If you have an old web browser like Internet Explorer 8 or earlier you will not be able to use the new graphs and will instead be directed to the old graphs. Please consider updating to a newer browser. You can click here to download Google Chrome for free and take full advantage of the improvements.

Acclima TDT Soil Sensor
A new soil moisture probe is now available - the Acclima TDT digital soil sensor. This sensor is especially good for dairy farms as it compensates for the effects of fertiliser and effluent.
Check out the data sheet and instructional installation video.

Rural Fire Danger
Harvest are proud to announce the release of the Rural Fire Danger website. The website is designed to give the public hourly updates regarding the Fire Danger in their areas.
The website data is generated using regional rural fire authority owned Harvest weather stations (RAWS) along with formulas provided by SCION research.

High Winds
A Harvest weather station recorded gusts of up to 212kmh (131mph) in North Canterbury.
Check out the station here:
Climate Consulting - Doctors Hill

Frost Fighting in 1935
We recently stumbled upon this gem of a news article from the July 1935 issue of the Sydney Morning Herald: News Article

Get Tabs for Your Graphs
You can now have your data sorted in up to 5 sub-categories so you can quickly view your critical data.

Check out this site to see how it works, then email us to set up your own.