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(Last data received Wed 17 Oct 2018 12:10:00 - 17 months ago)

This is a complete internet-based GPRS solar powered weather station. Place this unit anywhere in the world where there is GSM cellphone coverage and it will report real time data through to this web site (or your web site) via the Internet. The system reports at least every 60 minutes - immediately for alarms and every minute during a frost event. It uses GPRS and data compression to minimise monthly cell phone charges.

It has sensors for temperature (wired and wireless), rainfall, wind speed and direction, soil moisture, leaf wetness, humidity (used for calculating dew point temperature) and solar radiation (used to calculate evapotranspiration).

Text messages, voice messages or emails can be sent when alarm levels are exceeded (e.g., frost alarm, high temperature alarm, high rainfall, high wind).

To see the location of the weather station click here

All Temp Wind Forecast

Harvest Tip #6
With the right sensors, your Harvest weather station can calculate and display the risk of Botrytis cinerea and powdery mildew. The Bacchus model for calculating Botrytis risk was developed in NZ by Dr Balasubramaniam (Bala). Click here for more details and other tips.

December 2017 Newsletter
Hear what's new at Harvest in our latest email newsletter. If a copy didn't make it to your inbox, click here to view the newsletter in your browser and/or subscribe.

New Website
We have finally refreshed our home website! It has a simpler layout and new content, making it easier to find information.

October 2017 Newsletter
Hear what's new at Harvest in our latest email newsletter. If a copy didn't make it to your inbox, click here to view the newsletter in your browser.

South Island Chill
Thurs 6th July 2017

The frost has once again hit hard overnight with 37 units in Otago reading below -5C and 39 units in Marlborough reading below -3C.

New Cloud Servers
You may start noticing big changes to the way the website looks as we are gradually migrating sites over to our new system in the cloud. The migration is by region and once migrated you will automatically directed to your system on the cloud. If you have any queries please contact our support team.

Lowest Overnight Temperature Tues 2nd May 2017
Winter frosts have hit Otago, NZ hard today. The lowest overnight temperature recorded across more than 2000 Harvest weather stations was -7C recorded in Cromwell at 7am. Many stations in Otago recorded around -5C.

Harvest Tip #5
Data from your Harvest system can be downloaded from your webpage in text or CSV format. Click here for more details and past tips.

Earthquake Slip Monitoring
Check out this short video about some monitoring gear Harvest installed at Goose Bay, Kaikoura, NZ to monitor slips caused by the November 2016 Kaikoura 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

October Newsletter
Hear what's new at Harvest in our latest email newsletter. If a copy didn't make it to your inbox, click here to view the newsletter in your browser.

Updated Acclima Soil Sensor Installation Video
Harvest have released an updated installation video for Acclima TDT Soil Moisture and Temperature sensors. Check out the new video here.

Annual Servicing
Annual servicing is crucial to ensure year round reliability of your system. Servicing can be carried out by a Harvest technician or by following the guidelines we have put together.
See our Product Support for guidelines.

Marlborough Harvest Technician
Harvest have employed Rhys Mill as our Marlborough based service agent and technician. Rhys has been working with our equipment for over 10 years.

Using Soil Moisture Readings
Harvest have recently release updated guidelines on how to use soil moisture readings. For guidelines relating to pasture click here and for vineyards/orchards click here.

ITU Nano
Harvest are pleased to announce the release of the ITU Nano. The Nano is specifically designed as a standalone unit for water meter monitoring market. For more information check out this brochure.

Photos From Harvest System on MV Rena Finally Released
Harvest have finally released a timelapse of photos taken by a Harvest weather station during the salvage of the MV Rena. The Rena ran aground off the coast of Tauranga in 2011. Click here to see the video.

Insect Repellent
Ants are often a problem in our agricultural products. We have changed from using insecticide canisters to pure eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus oil is a natural organic insect repellent.

Rural Delivery Feature Video
Harvest was recently interviewed as part of a Rural Delivery TVNZ programme. The focus was on our involvement in the dairy industry.
Click here to see the video.

Get Tabs for Your Graphs
You can now have your data sorted in up to 5 sub-categories so you can quickly view your critical data.

Check out this site to see how it works, then email us to set up your own.

Frost Fighting in 1935
We recently stumbled upon this gem of a news article from the July 1935 issue of the Sydney Morning Herald: News Article