The Harvest ITU G2 (Industrial Telemetry Unit - Generation 2) is a low-powered logger with a built in modem (cellular or satellite), a range of inputs, and is the backbone of most Harvest solutions.

Key Features

  • Harvest designed logger with integrated modem (cellular or satellite)
  • Range of input types for varying sensor and output types
  • Relay outputs for control solutions
  • Supports communication with wireless remotes - XLR, LRR, SRR
  • Global SIM card and dual band Harvest cellular antenna for automatic network switching
  • Stainless steel weather proof enclosure and mounting
  • Solar or mains powered with backup battery
  • SD Card for backup log storage

Typical Configurations

  • Industrial Automated Weather Station (AWS) with meteorological grade sensors attached
  • Entry level weather sensors and a Harvest temperature/humidity sensor mounted to the ITU G2 and used to provide frost alarms, plus sensors connected to SRRs or LRRs to wirelessly monitor multiple blocks
  • Installed at a pump shed for the monitoring of pump faults/signals, water meters, control of the pump online, and automatic shutoff of the pump based on set conditions (e.g. too much water used, low pipe pressure at effluent irrigator, etc)